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aNobii API

With aNobii's Application Programming Interface (API), you can build apps that make use of aNobii's data in new and interesting ways.

We'll be releasing more API methods. Stay tuned!

*This API is for non-commercial use only. For commercial use, contact us


Application authentication

Every request requires application authentication. For that, you need an API key and a Secret key. Get them here and get started


API key = 52dhbhf9wnd9wndolwocmew23mewedsf
Secret key = jr2jcm9opw

  1. Concatenate the API key and Secret key
    i.e. 52dhbhf9wnd9wndolwocmew23mewedsfjr2jcm9opw
  2. Calculate the md5() hash of this string
    i.e. 3f35e5b1429a9ac95071a711f0720e1f
  3. The resulting api_sig is your signature with which to authenticate

RESTful Resources

The aNobii API supports Representational State Transfer (REST) and returns results in XML.


Some API methods take optional or requisite parameters. We've documented those parameters where applicable. All parameters shall be converted to UTF-8 and URL-encoded.

HTTP Requests

Some requests shall be made as GET, others as POST. You can find out which to use in the individual method pages.

When requesting XML, the response is UTF-8 encoded. Symbols and characters outside of the standard ASCII range are translated to HTML entities.

HTTP Status Codes

The aNobii API attempts to return appropriate HTTP status codes for every request. For example, a request that references a non-existent user should return 404 Not Found. A request that lacks the appropriate authentication credentials should return 401 Not Authorized.

See here for full lists of service error codes and other codes


aNobii API uses ISO 639:1988 to represent the name of languages and apply UTF-8 as XML document encoding

Terms of Use

See aNobii APIs Terms of Use

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