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Work Progress Update 10

Category WHAT'S NEW | Written by Anobii Team - Thursday 26 April

Dear Anobians


We update you, briefly, on the most important improvements that we have completed in the last period.


Bookshelf – Labels’ massive editing: now it is possible to 1) delete or modify a label assigned to several books; 2) add or remove multiple books assigned to a label at the same time.


FAQ: new FAQs have been published.


User Profile – The Wall: now it is possible to delete all the messages written on the bulletin board both by the owner and by the guest users. The position of the bulletin board on the page has been raised to facilitate access.


Book card – suggest other editions: now you can search for books to suggest using EAN13.


Email alert only if not read for 1 hour: the function that notifies a user via email is reset only if he has received a message on Anobii and has not read it within one hour.


Calculating and saving half stars’ system: it has been reviewed and arranged and is now fully functional in all possible cases.


We have also made some aesthetic improvements: the white space have been reduced in the profile section, the recommendation block has been fixed in some specific cases, the slider of the group home page has been put in place.


To conclude, now we are working:

– to restore the search engine response “by work”

– to restore the management / accounting for work that also involves the number of books in common

and we plan to complete this activity by the end of May.



Thanks for your attention and good readings to everyone!