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Work Progress Update 12

Category WHAT'S NEW | Written by Anobii Team - Tuesday 29 May

Dear Anobians,

during the past month of May we have worked on the Groups Home Page. Our goal was to enable a better exploration of the wide world of groups. Therefore we gave equal visibility to the most popular  groups and to the new ones, created by users who have a major impact on the community. In the hope to be of some help, we explain below in outline how the Groups Home Page is now structured.

The slider has now an “editorial logic”. Feel free to report to the staff new groups that you think are of particular interest: needless to say, the report should give a brief explanation about the peculiar interest of the Group you are recommending.

Below the slider, the yellow menu keeps the entries:

  • Groups in Anobii: it shows all the Groups present in Anobii according to the new rule
  • Groups that I follow: it takes the user to her/his profile, in the Groups section that she/he follows


Further down, the main body of the Home Page shows the following information based on the new rules:

  • The most popular groups, in updated order
  • The new groups created by Anobii users
  • For both categories, rules have been defined to prevent the phenomenon of spam groups.

All groups are shown not only in the language of the menu, but in all languages in which you read books and comments.For example if your Anobii menus are in English but you read books in Italian, Spanish and Traditional Chinese you will find the updates of the groups in these 4 languages too.

In the right sidebar are shown in rotation the 100 most popular groups among the ones in the language of the navigation menu.

We recall, for the benefit of the new Anobians, some functions of the Anobii groups

  • To create a discussion within a Group, it is necessary to be registered with the Group
  • To participate in a discussion created by others it is necessary to be registered (or to subscribe) to the Group
  • When you create a discussion or write as part of a discussion, all Group members are informed about these activities in the Discussion Tab of their personal profile
  • You can see the people registered in the group by the tab “ INTERESTED”
  • You can contact people registered to a group individually by going to the user’s profile and leaving a public message on the bulletin board in the “ACTIVITY” tab, or sending him a private Anobii message, by clicking on the Envelope icon next to the “FOLLOW” button

Thank you for your attention and good readings!