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Work Progress Update 13

Category WHAT'S NEW | Written by Anobii Team - Monday 24 September

Dear Anobians
We update you on a few things concerning our platform.


First of all we have to celebrate! We have reached 10,000,000 titles. Ten millions! Such an important milestone was achieved thanks to the work of all of you and also thanks to the new automatic import system that has been working at full capacity for a few months importing more than 1,800.00 titles.
As for the Streaming, we have doubled the number of activities that now can be viewed. This improvement means that clicks on the “More” button will be halved and you’ll end up saving some time.
And now let’s have a look at the Book Card:

  • The correct operating modes of the Review tab have been restored so that now the default operating mode is Friends First.
  • Now the start/end reading dates are pre-filled with the current date. When starting or ending a reading, the system proposes the current date as the start and end date (this change is the result of a proposal from a user – to whom our thanks go – that we deemed useful).
  • Always thanks to the suggestion of a user (which we thank here) concerning the labels now there is a space management in the cases of copy paste to avoid the creation of duplicate labels.

Let’s move on to the layout of the mobile charts: the layout of the mobile rankings has been arranged so that the covers and texts now can be seen correctly.
In short, Anobii keep on growing and this above all thanks to you users, thanks to your activities and – as highlighted above – thanks to your valuable remarks, proposals and suggestions.
Once again we thank you for the passion you have shown for years and which daily animates the pages of Anobii.

See you soon and good readings to everyone!