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A new Discussions’ Home Page

Category WHAT'S NEW | Written by Anobii Team - Wednesday 11 July

Dear  Anobiians,

In June our main concern was to redesign the Discussions’ HP. Our goal was to make it easier to explore the active discussions.

Hoping to be of some help, we explain below in outline the new structure of the Discussions’ HP.

The slider now follows an editorial logic. As usual, all suggestions from you are welcome. We advise you to explain and possibly to elaborate on the reason why you are pointing out a discussion.

Under the slider the yellow drop-down menu proposes the same options as before the redesign:

  • ‘Discussions in Anobii’: this option will show all the discussions that are going on, according to a new algorithm, which takes in account sundry parameters, such as updating, number of participants in the group, and so on.
  • ‘Discussions that I follow’: this choice takes you to the page of the discussion that you follow within your profile. Design and logic of this page are very much similar to those of the old HP of the ‘Groups’, and basically show you the latest updated discussions since last login.
  • ‘Discussions in name-of-my-town’. This option shows you the discussions going on in your town and its surroundings. Of course to  have this kind of information you must have filled in the field about your city in your profile. This functionality is active also in the HP of the groups.

Further down, in the central body of the page, the HP presents the most popular discussions ordered by their updating date.

You will be able to access the discussions in all the languages you set up in your profile. So, for example, if you set English as your menu language and set French and Chinese as languages you read in, you will see the Discussions in all these languages.

On the right shoulder of the page we show the 100 most popular Groups among those in your menu language.



Q: Where can I find all the reviews and contributions written by an Anobii user?

A: Go on the relevant user’s library and click on the tab ‘Contributions’

Q: How can I simultaneously add several books to my shelves ?

A: First of all, create a txt file including all the ISBN codes of the books you want to import (see below ‘what is the ISBN code?’) in vertical array. In other word you have to compile an EANs list (consisting of 13 numbers) or ISBNs list (consisting of 10 numbers) perfectly aligned one below the other. Then open your library and click the button with three dots ()located on the upper right side of the page, right above your books, beneath the tabs. A drop-down box will pop up. Click on ‘import multiple ISBN’ and a window will open. Input the name of the txt file you have created and then press ‘enter’.

We suggest you to upload no more than 50 books at a time.

Q: How can I find out whether a friend of mine is an Anobii user?

A: Open your library and then click on the tab ‘Contacts’ on your left hand side. Click on the tab ‘New’, then on the button ‘Import contacts’. A page will open which presents you with various options: go for ‘enter contacts manually’ and fill in the form.

Good readings!