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Work Progress Update 5

Category EVENTS | Written by Anobii Team - Monday 11 December

Hello everyone,

several releases have been made in the last few days that have invested the following areas:

  • User Profile – Discussion Section

This new section consists of two tabs: UPDATES in which you can see all the discussions followed in order of updating; CREATED BY ME that performs the same function in relation to the discussions that a user has started.

  • User Profile – Collections Section – Personal TABs

The possibility to delete the collections has been enabled (only for the user that created the collection of course). Next to the icon of the pencil has been added the icon of the bin. By clicking on the bin you can delete the entire collection.

  • User Profile – Library of other users

Filters have been enabled in the libraries of users visited. You can filter the library of the user you are visiting for: author, tag, publisher, year of publication, reading status, language

  • User Profile – Activities

The public message board between users has been reactivated.

Please don’t forget to clear the cache of their browsers and to report any problems and malfunctions to help ( only so our IT team will be able to take charge of your reports. The reports must always be accompanied by the mail of your Anobii account and a description as precise as possible of the malfunctions found.

Thanks and good readings to everyone!

Best regards the Anobii Team