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Work Progress Update 6

Category WHAT'S NEW | Written by Anobii Team - Tuesday 12 December

Hello to everyone,
We wish to inform you of further important updates

– Change main cover. Now in the book tab you can change the main cover of a book. The change affects the cover that you see in your library.

– Spoiler warning. In addition to the book tab now, the spoiler warning also appears in the CONTRIBUTIONS and ACTIVITIES tab of each user.

– Book Details – Borrowed and Returned. The Borrowed and Returned functionality has been reactivated. Now you can write where you bought a book and, if you have borrowed it from a library, you can mark the date of borrowing and the date of return to the library asking to be notified when the date of return of the book to the library is approaching.

Good readings to everyone!
The Anobii Team