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Work Progress Update 9

Category WHAT'S NEW | Written by Anobii Team - Monday 5 March

Dear  Anobians


We briefly update you on the most important improvements we have completed in January and February.



We have worked to improve:

– searches with special characters, uppercase vs. lowercase characters;

– differences in behavior (and therefore results) between advanced research and standard research;

– searches for books with 10 digits ISBNs ending in X that were usually not found.



We have worked to improve the performance of navigation on the site from mobile devices.

We have been working on messaging, sliders of the home page “Discussions” and “Groups”, the “Add to Collection” functionality and other minor issues.



We have solved the bug that afflicted the reviews preventing the complete vision when clicking on “Continue”.

We have restored the functionality of the personalized cover.



It is now possible to unsubscribe from a moderated registration group when no response has yet been received regarding the application for registration.



We have reinstated the possibility to request books with only 10-digit ISBNs.

We have created more stringent checks on the verification of the existence in our database of a book with a 10 or 13-digit ISBN when the application is submitted.



In March we will continue the consolidation and fixing of the functionalities that are present today and towards the end of the month we will resume the development of the missing features that will interest, among other things, the tags of the books in the bookshelf.

Many thanks for your attention