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The new Anobii App brings to your smartphone the whole Anobii world

Categoria NOVITÀ | Scritto da Anobii Team - Giovedì 18 Febbraio

SX-ENGHi everyone, we have wonderful news: now you can download from Apple Store and Google Play the new Anobii app which forces into retirement the good old Scan App.

The brand new app – that we have astonishingly called Anobii Mobile – is far feature-richer than the previous one and it makes (at long last!) Anobii fully accessible from your smartphone.


Apple store


Google play


Yes, it’s just a small step for mankind but for all of us it’s a formidable jump forward, rewarding past and present Anobiians’ passion and loyalty and throwing the doors wide open to the discovery of our platform for future Anobiians.

Ok let’s spoiler soon a bit of the contents. Thanks to the new app you will be be able to do a lot more than the good old one allowed, i.e. adding new books to your shelf by scanning the barcode you can find on the back cover of most books. In addition to these features, you will be able to

– Follow all community activities in real time;

– Search for books in the whole Anobii database
(58 millions books, that’s a lot of stuff, isn’t it?);

– Search for books in your bookshelf;

– Write and re-edit your reviews and comments;

– Send and read direct messages;

– Rate the books from your shelf assigning stars;

– Create your whishlist of books you’d love to read.

But wait, we didn’t stop here, there’s more… Can you hear the drums rolling in order to raise your expectations? Every app’s activity will be synchronized with the ones on Anobii’s website, which is, let’s face it, is a great convenience that will allow you to have Anobii close at hand wherever and whenever you want (and to be charged with displaying antisocial behaviour).


Astonish your friends, amaze the opinion makers! Use your smartphone to make your extraordinary adventure of passionate reader even richer, funnier, more social and more exciting!


Ok, now you just need to download the new app from Google Play or iOS App Store and begin your discovery of this new way of living Anobii and your love for books. I guess it’s enough for today. Have nice a nice reading all of  you!