1,001 Ways to Relax

An Illustrated Guide to Reducing Stress


Publisher: Chronicle Books


Language: English | Number of Pages: 384 | Format: Paperback

Isbn-10: 0811841650 | Isbn-13: 9780811841658 | Publish date:  | Edition 1

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Book Description
Don't get stressed out, get the stress out! Best-selling author Mike George's 1,001 Ways to Relax is a chunky, charmingly illustrated volume packed with quick fixes like visualization and aromatherapy, as well as big-picture solutions such as eliminating clutter, overcoming bad habits, and creating more harmonious relationships with family and friends. Organized by theme, the book looks at the most common sources of tension and pressure, and offers practical solutions that bring self-assurance, tranquility, and acceptance. 1,001 Ways to Relax gathers the best advice for quick and lasting tranquility - all for the worry-free price of $9.95.