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A Life-Transforming Idea


Publisher: Scribner


Language:English | Number of Pages: 240 | Format: Others

Isbn-10: 1416591826 | Isbn-13: 9781416591825 | Publish date: 

Also available as: Softcover and Stapled , Paperback , eBook

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Book Description
Any choice you make - any decision - will benefit from10-10-10.

We all want to lead a life of our own making. But in today's accelerated world, with its competing priorities, information overload, and confounding options, we can easily find ourselves steered by impulse, stress, or expedience. Are our decisions the right ones? Or are we being governed, time and time again, and against our best intentions, by the demands of the moment?

A transformative new approach to decision making, 10-10-10 is a tool for reclaiming your life at home, in love, and at work. The process is clear, straightforward, and transparent. In fact, when you're facing a dilemma, all it takes to begin are three questions: What are the consequences of my decision in 10 minutes?

In 10 months? And in 10 years?

Sound simple? Not quite. Recounting poignant stories from her own life and the lives of many other dedicated 10-10-10 users, Suzy Welch reveals how exploring the impact of our decisions in multiple time frames invariably surfaces our unconscious agendas, fears, needs, and desires -- and ultimately helps us identify and live according to our deepest goals and values.

10-10-10's applicability is uniquely broad. Whether it is used by college students or busy mothers or senior business executives, artists, government administrators, or entrepreneurs, 10-10-10 has shown its effectiveness in decisions large and small, routine and radical, consistently changing lives for the better.

Readers of "O" magazine discovered this pragmatic and innovative idea when Suzy Welch first introduced it in her column. Now, in this immensely useful and revelatory book, she fully explains the power of 10-10-10, a transformative idea that can replace chaos with consistency, guilt with joy, and confusion with clarity.

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    一是 10-10-10 這個想法,我認為可以從中學到一些很重要的想法或概念;二是我也很喜歡 Jack Welch 與 Suzy Welch 的 ...continue

    一是 10-10-10 這個想法,我認為可以從中學到一些很重要的想法或概念;二是我也很喜歡 Jack Welch 與 Suzy Welch 的 Winning,所以會認為這本也應該不錯吧。

    首先,作為一本書,好像沒有 Editing 一樣似的,鬆散、概念也不清晰,太多口水、太少內容。同時,有太多「故事」,東拉西扯,原意都是希望說明作者的 10-10-10 如幫了不同的人

    在 的書評有說道,其實是十頁就可以說完的事,現在卻用了 200 頁來寫。我是不認同的,因為我認為她的概念根本就未成形,連十頁都不應該有!


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