100 Simple Secrets of Happy People


Publisher: Capstone Publishing Ltd


Language: English | Number of Pages: 224 | Format: Paperback

Isbn-10: 1841126853 | Isbn-13: 9781841126852 | Publish date:  | Edition New Ed

Also available as: Hardcover

Category: Health, Mind & Body , Social Science

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Book Description
Scientists and academics have spent entire careers investigating what makes people happy. But hidden in obscure scholarly journals and reports their research is all too often inaccessible to ordinary people. At last, social scientist and psychologist David Niven distils the scientific gobbledygook of over a thousand of the most compelling and important studies on happiness into easy-to-digest nuggets of advice. Each of the hundred practices, attitudes and habits for creating happiness is illustrated with a clear example and illuminated by a straightforward explanation of the science behind it to show you how to transform a ho-hum existence into a full and happy life.Believe In Yourself: Across all ages and all groups, a solid belief in one's own abilities increases satisfaction by about 40 per cent, and makes us happier both in our home lives and our work lives. Turn Off The TV: Watching too much TV can triple our hunger for more possessions, while reducing our personal contentment by about 5 per cent for every hour a day we watch. Don't Forget To Have Fun: Having fun is one of the five central factors in leading a satisfied life.
Individuals who spend time just having fun are 20 per cent more likely to feel happy on a daily basis and 36 per cent more likely to feel comfortable with their age and stage in life.