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Publisher: Kodansha America


Language:English | Number of Pages: | Format: Paperback | In other languages: (other languages) Chi traditional , Japanese , German , Russian , Chi simplified

Isbn-10: 4770019513 | Isbn-13: 9784770019516 | Publish date: 

Translator: Ralph F. McCarthy

Also available as: Hardcover , Others , eBook

Category: Family, Sex & Relationships , Fiction & Literature , Teens

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Book Description
Ryu Murakami, along with Haruki Murakami (no relation), is one of the best-selling writers in Japan and a major figure in contemporary popular culture. Since publishing his first work, Almost Transparent Blue, which won Japan's most coveted literary prize in 1976, Ryu has produced a steady stream of novels, stories, and essays that consistently astound and delight readers with their wild flights of imagination, irreverent humor, and brilliant, convincing portraits of some of the quirkiest characters in Japanese literature.

69 is a roman a clef about coming of age during a time that left its mark on baby boomers around the world--a time when we really believed we could change the world before it changed us. By turns hilarious, cynical, frivolous, and poignant, the book is infused from start to finish with Ryu's relentless energy and optimism; it simply refuses to get tedious, preachy, or "literary" for a single moment.

The book is composed of the following: "Arthur Rimbaud," "Iron Butterfly," "Lady Jane," "Daniel Cohn-Bendit," "Claudia Cardinale," "Power to the Imagination," "Just Like a Woman," "Alain Delon," "Lyndon Johnson," "Cheap Thrills," "Amore Romantico," "Wes Montgomery," "Led Zeppelin," "April Come She Will," "Velvet Underground," and "It's a Beautiful Day."

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    然後...我發現男生的青春脫離不了雞雞這東西 囧。 做任何事的出發點都可以是雞雞,不管是拍電影、舉行派對、反抗學校...XDD

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    他們的青春太過令人稱羨。如何才能和他們一樣,如此異樣快樂地──弔祭我的十七歲。叛逆,不矯飾,強調自我。像是書皮的鮮黃背底與鮮紅字樣,搶眼的不留餘地。/《麥田捕手》有薄霧般的輕灰,帶點少年式的淺淺晦暗。而《Sixty nine》,卻徹底明亮的刺穿青春的本質:絕非無聊。

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    哈哈哈哈~ 痛苦的話,就笑吧! 憂鬱的時候要開懷大笑。 要笑到岔氣,笑到腸胃都揪在一起。 讓那些生活煩悶的人都聽到我們放肆的笑聲。

    這不是囂張, 只是個不合時宜的嘉年華。

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