A Feast for Crows

(A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4)

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It seems too good to be true. After centuries of bitter strife and fatal treachery, the seven powers dividing the land have decimated one another into an uneasy truce. Or so it appears. . . . With the death of the monstrous King Joffrey, Cersei is ru ...Continua
Ha scritto il 23/04/16
Each one of the books in this series allows the reader more depth and insight into the characters making for the reader to become invested and care. This book as well as the others is a hard one to put down and often times your saying WHY!!!!! ...Continua
Laura Trepy
Ha scritto il 09/06/15

Coinvolgente si, ma si focalizza troppo sui personaggi che mi piacciono meno. Aspetto il 5' volume.

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Ha scritto il 07/01/15

basta, non ne posso più.

Ha scritto il 01/10/14
"A Feast for Crows" (o "Il dominio della regina"/"L'ombra della profezia" o "Il banchetto dei corvi" o "Il trono di spade 4", a seconda dell'edizione italiana che vi capiterà tra le mani) è sicuramente il più controverso tra i libri della saga. Giunt...Continua
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Ha scritto il 10/06/14
Un fantasy dove si dice cazzo e figa (4)
Libro quarto. Copincollo: Lasciatemelo dire, a un certo punto ho avuto il dubbio che non fosse così necessario, dal punto di vista della funzione-che-i-romanzi-svolgono-nel-mondo dico, scrivere una versione Brutta Sporca & Cattiva dei classici fanta...Continua
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In winter this will be a cold white prison. And yet the thought of leaving frightened her almost as much as it frightened Robert. She only hid it better. Her father said there was no shame in being afraid, only in showing your fear.
Pag. 873
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"Are there any terms you will accept?" he demanded of the Blackfish. "From you?" Ser Brynden shrugged. "No." "Why did you even come to treat with me?" "A siege is deadly dull. I wanted to see this stump of yours and hear whatever excuses you cared to...Continua
Pag. 805
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"Leave your chamber door unbarred tonight, and I will steal into your bed and prove the truth of what I say." "If you do, you'll be a eunuch when you leave."
Pag. 790
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"[...] Children should be wrapped in swaddling clothed and hung upon the wall until the girls grow breasts and the boys are old enough to shave."
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The thought was a bitter one, yet there was part of her that yearned for Evenfall and her father, and another part that wondered if Jaime would comfort her should she weep upon his shoulder. That was what men wanted, wasn't it? Soft helpless women th...Continua
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