Absolutely fabulous! Architecture for Fashion


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Language: Deutsch | Number of Seiten: 144 | Format: Paperback

Isbn-10: 3791335219 | Isbn-13: 9783791335216 | Publish date: 

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This is a globetrotting tour of the most spectacularly designed fashion stores. Flagship stores for famous fashion designers have become showcases for high profile architects as well as destinations for style-conscious shoppers. "Absolutely Fabulous!" looks at the collaboration between architecture and fashion from numerous perspectives, including recent developments in fashion, branding, shopping, individualization and globalisation. It also shows how designers themselves are flexing their architectural muscle with cutting-edge display concepts, flash websites and stores that double as galleries, entertainment areas and communal spaces. Designed to be as dynamic as its subject matter, "Absolutely Fabulous!" travels the world to feature the most innovative, revolutionary and influential examples of the synergies between fashion and architecture.