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Before Sunrise & Before Sunset

Two Screenplays (Vintage)

By ,

Publisher: Vintage


Language:English | Number of Pages: 224 | Format: Paperback

Isbn-10: 1400096049 | Isbn-13: 9781400096046 | Publish date: 

Category: Non-fiction , Romance , Travel

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Book Description
In one volume, the screenplays to two contemporary classics, directed by Richard Linklater, and starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, about the immediate and life-altering attraction between two strangers.

On a train from Budapest to Vienna, Jesse, a young American student, at the end of a romance and his European trip, meets Celine, a young French woman. They are immediately attracted. Despite knowing this may be the only time they will see each other, in the next few hours in the city of Vienna, they share everything and promise to meet again. Nearly a decade later, Jesse, now a novelist on a publicity tour, sees Celine in a bnookstore in Paris. Again their time is short, and they spend it reestablishing the connection they experienced on their first meeting. Romantic, poignant, understated, and often profound, these two screenplays are sure to become classics in their own right.
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    Before sunrise and before sunset

    iniziato e finito su un tgv di ritorno da Parigi. Chiaramente comprato da Shakespear and Co., mitica libreria e scenario della fantastica storia tra Ethan Hawke e Julie Delpy.

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    接觸這兩部電影時剛好分別在和劇中人物年紀相彷的階段,雖然對其中有關人生意義之類的討論不太熱衷,看著還是很有感覺。現在回頭獨Before Sunrise已經找不回當年的感動,反而對Before Sunset有較深的感觸,後者成功演繹人過30後心境的轉變。Jesse和Celine適不適合、應不應該在一起,反倒不是這麼重要。

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    Before sunrise, before sunset

    我認為這本書的可貴之處不只在於男女主角的邂逅和情感,更顯現於 她們的言談之中。Jesse和Celine之間的對話,其中有很 多很多都讓我反覆思量:從小時候的夢想、實際的人生遭遇、對於生 活的觀感和周遭人事物的情感...或許正因為年紀與劇裡的他們相 當,看這本書得當下,喚起了我很大很大的共鳴。

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  • 5<br />博客來兩本電影原著小說特價七九折有的買!!!<br />有興趣的快下手!!<br />Julie Delpy好正!!翻滾

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    What can I say more about these two films????? 愛不釋手!看你千遍不厭倦。兩部電影每次看,依照當時心情都會有不同的感受,傑克,這真是太神奇了。

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    身邊很多朋友瘋狂愛上《Before Sunrise》和《Before Sunset》兩齣電影,我自己雖然未到這個地步,但也覺得是很不錯的作品,整部作品就只是對白,幾乎沒有情節,卻是妙語如珠,很witty。



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