Blue Dragon


Publisher: Harper Collins


Language: English | Number of Pages: 592 | Format: Mass Market Paperback

Isbn-10: 0732282985 | Isbn-13: 9780732282981 | Publish date: 

Also available as: Paperback , eBook , Others

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Book Description
MARTIAL ARTS MAGIC DEMONS and SCIENCE The forces of Hell are poised to strike ...When Emma's relatives come to visit her they are totally freaked out by what they learn ...Emma's beloved John Chen is a 3000 year old Chinese god. Not only that John is becoming weaker by the day. Demons pursue him relentlessly hoping to use Emma and his child Simone as bargaining tools against him. Emma battles to defend Simone as John's energy is drained by the effort of both living in the mortal world and protecting them. While Emma is nagged by doubts about her own nature she must find the courage to go on ...Praise for WHITE TIGER and RED PHOENIX 'addictive won't want to put it down' 'hitch up ya britches put on some good running shoes and get into the pace' AUREALIS XPRESS 'packed with Chinese mythology kick-ass action and sexual tension' ASLF