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Branding Yourself

How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself

By ,

Publisher: Que


Language:English | Number of Pages: 304 | Format: Paperback

Isbn-10: 0789747278 | Isbn-13: 9780789747273 | Publish date: 

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Book Description
Use Social Media to Build a Great Personal Brand-and a Great Career! Need to demonstrate more value to customers or employers? Want a new job or career? Use social media to build the powerful personal brand that gets you what you want! In Branding Yourself, two leading social media consultants show how to use today's social media platforms to attract new business and job opportunities you'll never find any other way. Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy show you how to supercharge all your business and personal relationships...demonstrate that you are the best solution to employers' or partners' toughest problems...become a recognized thought leader...and translate your online network into great jobs, great projects, and a great career! Discover how to: * Build an authentic storyline and online identity that gets you the right opportunities * Choose the best social media tools for your personal goals * Blog your story boldly and effectively * Promote your events, accomplishments, victories...and even defeats and lessons learned * Integrate online and offline networking to get more from both * Reach people with hiring authority and budgets on LinkedIn * Use Twitter to share the ideas and passions that make you uniquely valuable * Launch an online branding program that really gets noticed * Avoid "killer" social networking mistakes * Leverage your online "expert" status to become a published author or public speaker * Measure the success of your social media branding * Get new projects or jobs through your online friends and followers
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    Very easy to read, clear, concise with good example.
    I personally use WP,Blogger,LinkedIn,Twitter, FB. and many Chinese social medias, like Weibo.

    author's web site:

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