Communicating Design

Developing Web Site Documentation for Design and Planning

Publisher: New Riders Press


Language: English | Number of Pages: 368 | Format: Paperback

Isbn-10: 0321392353 | Isbn-13: 9780321392350 | Publish date:  | Edition 1

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Book Description
Most discussion about Web design seems to focus on the creative process, yet turning concept into reality requires a strong set of deliverables—the documentation (concept model, site maps, usability reports, and more) that serves as the primary communication tool between designers and customers. Here at last is a guide devoted to just that topic. Combining quick tips for improving deliverables with in-depth discussions of presentation and risk mitigation techniques, author Dan Brown shows you how to make the documentation you're required to provide into the most efficient communications tool possible. He begins with an introductory section about deliverables and their place in the overall process, and then delves into to the different types of deliverables. From usability reports to project plans, content maps, flow charts, wireframes, site maps, and more, each chapter includes a contents checklist, presentation strategy, maintenance strategy, a description of the development process and the deliverable's impact on the project, and more.
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    Veramente fico, ottimo per chi fa il project manager o il consulente. Ci sono tutti i possibili "deliverables" per i committenti, tutti molto ma molto belli.

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    Communicating Design: Developing Web Site Documentation for Design and Planning


    這整本書充滿了 3-3-3 的分配,全書共三個部分,講述三種不同目的的文件;每一個部分當中又有三種文件(最後一個部分有四種),每一份文件又都分成個不同的內容層次(核心、補足、參考)來說明,並且再分成三個階段來說明這種文件的目的、對象、規模,最後 ...continue


    這整本書充滿了 3-3-3 的分配,全書共三個部分,講述三種不同目的的文件;每一個部分當中又有三種文件(最後一個部分有四種),每一份文件又都分成個不同的內容層次(核心、補足、參考)來說明,並且再分成三個階段來說明這種文件的目的、對象、規模,最後並說明這種文件在整個設計情境中所處的地位,這也是分成三個部分:如何準備、如何製作、如何呈現及應用。



    作為這麼一本活生生的實務書籍,這本書中有超大量的各種資料範本、圖表等,讓讀者可以非常明瞭這些東西「到底用起來像怎麼樣子」。把這本書跟《The Design of Sites》跟《The Principles of Beautiful Web Design》搭配閱讀,應該是相當棒的吧!嗯,也許接下來再跟著看《Transcending CSS》……

    當然這本書還是有一些缺點:首先是本書的封面就跟《ppk on JavaScript》一樣容易受損,接下來就是書中曾多次提到類似「這些資源可以到 下載」之類的句子,但是那個網頁其實卻沒有提供甚麼檔案,實在是騙子。真希望作者哪一天能夠如他所承諾地,把那些資源補上啊。

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