Elements of Mathematics

Algebra. Chapters 1-3


Publisher: Springer


Language: English | Number of Pages: 710 | Format: Paperback | In other languages: (other languages) German

Isbn-10: 3540642439 | Isbn-13: 9783540642435 | Publish date: 

Also available as: Hardcover

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Book Description
This is the softcover reprint of the English translation of 1974 (available from Springer since 1989) of the first 3 chapters of Bourbaki's 'Algèbre'. It gives a thorough exposition of the fundamentals of general, linear and multilinear algebra. The first chapter introduces the basic objects: groups, actions, rings, fields. The second chapter studies the properties of modules and linear maps, especially with respect to the tensor product and duality constructions. The third chapter investigates algebras, in particular tensor algebras. Determinants, norms, traces and derivations are also studied.