Francis Bacon

(Classiques du XXe siècle)


Editeur: Editions du Centre Pompidou


Language: Français | Number of pages: 336 | Format: Paperback | En langues différentes: (langues différentes) English , German

Isbn-10: 285850881X | Isbn-13: 9782858508815 | Publish date: 

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Category: Biography

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Description du livre
This is the first extensive one-volume selection of Bacon's English writings in over 90 years. The latest addition to The Oxford Authors series, it includes all the major literary writings on which his reputation rests--the Advancement of Learning, the Essays (in their first and last versions), and the New Atlantis. It also includes sixteen other works not reprinted for over a century, which show Bacon's remarkable all-round abilities in politics, law, theology, and poetry. The selections are annotated in more detail than in any other edition, with particular emphasis on explaining Bacon's language.