Freax. The Brief History of the Computer Demoscene / The Art Album


Verleger: CSW-Verlag


Language: Deutsch | Number of Seiten: 224 | Format: Others

Isbn-10: 3981049403 | Isbn-13: 9783981049404 | Publish date:  | Edition 1

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Freax is a fast-paced, comprehensive look at the amazing stories of the digital art community known as the "demoscene". For over 20 years, computer programmers, artists and musicians have tweaked, optimized and pushed computers to their limits... all for the sake of art.

Anticipating advances in graphics and visuals by years, the members of these computer "scenes" have changed the face of computing. Now, their
story has been told. Within this 224 page book, a wide range of subcultures are examined, ranging from the early 8-bit beginnings of the 1980s to the present day world of gigahertz and gigabyte. Scenes such as the "warez scene", "hack/phreak", "underground ASCII", and
many more make appearances, and key figures from these scenes are interviewed. Years in the making, this book contains a comprehensive
first look at the unique demoscenes of the world, accompanied with over 480 full-color screenshots and illustrations. Whether you were a member of the "scene" or just wish you were, Freax tells a story you'll want to hear.

Book Details:
Physical Description: 224 pages
Edition Info: Hardcover; 2005-08-01