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Publisher: Walker Books Ltd


Language:English | Number of Pages: 32 | Format: Others

Isbn-10: 1406310883 | Isbn-13: 9781406310887 | Publish date: 

Harry Enfield

Category: Children

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Book Description
Hannah loves gorillas and wants more than anything to go to the zoo to see one, but her father is always too busy to take her. When Hannah gets a toy gorilla for her birthday, she is disappointed. But in the night, something extraordinary happens - the toy becomes a real gorilla, who takes her on a magical trip to the zoo! Children will love reading this wonderful picture book and listening to the accompanying story CD read by comedian Harry Enfield.
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    漢娜好喜歡黑猩猩。她喜歡讀黑猩猩的書,看黑猩猩的節目……可是爸爸好忙,早上比漢娜還早出門,晚上回家還必須工作。爸爸總是說:「我現在很忙!」所以爸爸永遠都不能帶漢娜去動物園看猩猩。直到漢娜生日的前一天晚上,爸爸送給漢娜一個玩具黑猩猩。半夜裡,猩猩帶漢娜去動物園,去電影院看電影,又去吃冰淇淋。真是太棒了!沒想到第二天早上,爸爸竟然說:「走,我們去……」 『禮筑外文書店』

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