Publisher: Bantam


Language: English | Number of Pages: 512 | Format: Paperback | In other languages: (other languages) Slovenian

Isbn-10: 0553817728 | Isbn-13: 9780553817720 | Publish date:  | Edition New Ed

Also available as: Mass Market Paperback , Hardcover , School & Library Binding , Audio Cassette , Audio CD , Others , eBook

Category: Crime , Fiction & Literature , Science & Nature

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Book Description
In a novel of harrowing suspense and brilliantly crafted plot twists, author Tess Gerritsen draws on her years of experience as a doctor to deliver an explosive thriller that makes her an indisputable star. HARVEST vividly portrays a young woman doctor challenging a world where medical miracles and greed fuel a lethal conspiracy-and the bright lights of the O.R. conceal the ultimate corruption of genius. Unerringly authentic, with scalpel-sharp characterizations that rival Patricia Cornwell's HARVEST is an astounding debut....


For Dr. Abby DiMatteo, the road to Boston's Bayside Hospital began with a tragic accident-and the desperate, awful weeks that followed as she watched her little brother, Pete, lose his battle to live. Despite her small-town roots and lack of money, Abby pushed through college and medical school, each achievement strengthening her ambition to reach higher. Now, immersed in the grinding fatigue of her second year as a surgical resident, she's elated when the hospital's elite cardiac transplant team taps her as a potential recruit.

But Abby soon makes an anguished, crucial decision that jeopardizes her entire career. A car crash victim's healthy heart is ready to be harvested; it is immediately cross-matched to a wealthy private patient, forty-six-year-old Nina Voss. Abby and chief resident Vivian Chao hatch a bold plan to make sure that the transplant goes instead to a dying seventeen-year-old boy who is also a perfect match.

The repercussions are powerful and swift; Dr. Chao resigns, bowing under the combined fury of the hospital's top staff and Nina Voss's outraged husband. Abby is shaken but unrepentant-until she meets the frail, tormented Nina. Then a new heart for Nina Voss suddenly appears, her transplant is completed, and Abby makes a terrible discovery. The donor records have been falsified-Nina's heart has not come through the proper channels.

Defying Bayside Hospital's demands for silence, Abby, with Vivian Chao's help, plunges into an investigation that reveals an intricate, and murderous, chain of deceptions. Every move Abby makes spawns a vicious backlash... and, in a ship anchored in the stagnant waters of Boston Harbor, a final, grisly discovery lies waiting....

As compelling as the best Michael Crichton of Michael Palmer, more provocative than tomorrow's headlines, HARVEST is a mesmerizing read-and Tess Gerritsen proves herself to be a new master of first-class suspense fiction.

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    書名《Harvest》,指的是Organ Harvest--活體器官摘取(harvest後就是transplant器官移植),我不知道我看的《Harvest》和 ...continue


    書名《Harvest》,指的是Organ Harvest--活體器官摘取(harvest後就是transplant器官移植),我不知道我看的《Harvest》和書局裡看到的《貝納德的墮落》是同一本書,因為書裡從頭到尾沒有『貝納德』這個人名出現,讓我很好奇為什麼會取這樣的譯名,因此google了一下,原來第一位成功移植心臟(human-to-human)醫生的名字叫Christiaan Barnard(南非,1922-2001),中文書譯名真的很妙,讓我長見識了!

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