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Hellsing Volume 4

(Hellsing (Graphic Novels))


Publisher: Dark Horse/Digital Manga


Language:English | Number of Pages: 208 | Format: Paperback | In other languages: (other languages) Chi traditional , Japanese , Italian , Spanish

Isbn-10: 1593072597 | Isbn-13: 9781593072599 | Publish date: 

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels , Mystery & Thrillers , Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Book Description
What's the result when the Nazis hiding in South America engineer an army of vampires and mount an all-out campaign of deathly dominance? Well, one thing you get is a little unity - seems the Protestant Hellsing Organization and the Catholic Iscariot agency might just have to think about teaming up. Looks like the First World War of the undead is about to erupt in history's biggest battle of blood and fangs. Things are just beginning to heat up in the fourth volume of Hellsing!
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  • *** This comment contains spoilers! ***


    Molte chiacchiere e poca azione, non va bene!
    Alucard e Anderson che si prendono a sganassoni vale però il volume. Bello anche il flashback stokeriano.

    said on 

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    Come forse avrei dovuto dire...Sono STRA appassionata di Manga, specialmente se hanno queste caratteristiche: sangue, vampiri crudeli, uomini attraenti, storia e umorismo sadico. Ecco perchè leggo Hellsing, ecco perchè amo Alucard.

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