The Healing of the Soul


Publisher: Llewellyn Publications


Language: English | Number of Pages: 360 | Format: Paperback

Isbn-10: 0738701866 | Isbn-13: 9780738701868 | Publish date: 

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Book Description
Heal Your Spirit with the Wisdom and Magic of the Qabalah For anyone who has ever experienced feelings of hopelessness and spiritual desolation, Illuminations offers a path to the restoration of faith. Renowned author and mystic Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki shares a mystical healing process she discovered during her own dark night of the soul. Hers is a unique system of performing magic and meditations with some of the most potent sacred symbols ever created-the twenty-two letters of the ancient Hebrew alphabet, the Aleph-Beth.

Primal, powerful, and highly spiritual, each letter of the Aleph-Beth is the living energy pattern of a Being of grace and power. Attuning to their respective energies through meditation, prayer, and ritual helps alleviate spiritual suffering and achieve breakthroughs in self-awareness. Straightforward and in-depth instruction for exploring the healing powers of each of the twenty-two letters is given, including poetry; a prayer; a detailed summary of the letter; meditations; pathworking; a psalm of praise, petition, or thanksgiving; and a ritual. You can draw upon the strength, wisdom, and creative power of an infinitely compassionate source when you heal your spirit with the wisdom and magic of Qabalah.