Letters to a Law Student

A Guide to Studying Law at University


Publisher: Pearson Longman


Language: English | Number of Pages: 296 | Format: Paperback

Isbn-10: 0582894255 | Isbn-13: 9780582894259 | Publish date: 

Category: Law

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Book Description
'This is a splendid book. It is well written, readable and wholly absorbing .a "must have" for every student of law.' From the Foreword by Lord Grabiner Q.C. 'Well-written, concise and informative. It opened my eyes to what the law degree was really all about. I can't think of anything as essential to a law student who is just about to start university.' James Ratcliffe A Level student, Brockenhurst College, Hampshire. Letters to a Law Student is the definitive guide to studying law at university. It aims to turn the often daunting task of studying law into an enjoyable and stimulating experience. At the same time, reading Letters to a Law Student will help anyone who is thinking about studying law at university decide whether doing a law degree is the right option for them.Written in a lively, friendly and entertaining style, the book offers clear and helpful advice on all aspects of the study of law, including: O Whether you should study law at university OHow to write first-class legal essays and problem answers O How to choose where to study law O What's the best way to revise for O How to do well on the LNAT your law exams O What's the best way to study law O How to do well in your exams O How to get the most out of your O What you will do after you leave teachers university Letters to a Law Student is essential reading for anyone who is doing, or thinking about doing, a law degree at university.
'The style was refreshingly honest and provided the reader with some excellent pointers and practical advice.' Jason Grimster LLB (Hons) Cert Ed Head of Law, Brockenhurst College, Hampshire. 'Plenty of insightful information and practical advice - a good choice for the prospective law student.' Rob Cheeseman First year law undergraduate, University of Derby. Nicholas J McBride is a Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge; he was formerly a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford.He is (with Roderick Bagshaw) the author of the bestselling textbook Tort Law, now in its second edition.