Lion's Honey

(Myths S.)


Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd


Language: English | Number of Pages: 168 | Format: Hardcover | In other languages: (other languages) Italian , German

Isbn-10: 1841956562 | Isbn-13: 9781841956565 | Publish date: 

Translator: Stuart Schoffman

Also available as: Paperback , Audio CD , Audio Cassette , eBook

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Book Description
'There are few other Bible stories with so much drama and action, narrative fireworks and raw emotion, as we find in the tale of Samson: the battle with the lion; the three hundred burning foxes; the women he bedded and the one woman that he loved; his betrayal by all the women in his life, from his mother to Delilah; and, in the end, his murderous suicide, when he brought the house down on himself and three thousand Philistines.' 'Yet, beyond the wild impulsiveness, the chaos, the din, we can make out a life story that is, at bottom, the tortured journey of a single, lonely and turbulent soul who never found, anywhere, a true home in the world, whose very body was a harsh place of exile.' 'For me, this discovery, this recognition, is the point at which the myth - for all its grand images, its larger-than-life adventures - slips silently into the day-to-day existence of each of us, into our most private moments, our buried secrets.' - from David Grossman's Introduction to "Lion's Honey". This work is part of the "Canongate Myths" series.
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