Apprentice (Riftwar Saga)

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To the forest on the shore of the Kingdom of the Isles, the orphan Pug came to study with the master magician Kulgan. But though his courage won him a place at court and the heart of a lovely Princess, he was ill at ease with the normal ways of wizar ...Continua
Ha scritto il 25/06/11
Thankfully a Total Absence of Campfire Songs
A well realised, clever political story. That said it really was a take in two acts for me.

The first act made me feel that the author was reading LOTR while he was writing. 'The pass is blocked we will have to go through the mines'!! Hmmm
Ha scritto il 13/08/10
This book is amazing as it appeals to all audiences. I as a teenage boy still at school was able to pick this up (refering to both 'Magician: Apprentice' and ;Magician: Master') on a raining Saturday morning and had it finished by Sunday night it was ...Continua
Ha scritto il 26/05/09
Das erste Buch der Riftwar- Sage wurde oft in zwei Teile gesplittet: Magician Apprentice und Magician Master.

The first book of the Riftwar Saga often was splited into two parts: Magician Apprentice and Magician Master.

Ha scritto il 07/01/09
Very good. Feist when he was still putting fresh spins on fantasy.
Ha scritto il 12/06/08
Never thought about the concept of different "world" would exist in the western mythology stories. I guess I'm too old for imagination, damn, it's not even a new idea.

Alright, Pug the slow learning (untrue) magician apprentice lives in a world

Alright, Pug the slow learning (untrue) magician apprentice lives in a world called the ... we'll just call it the kingdom. One day they sensed some weirdo sneaking around their land and mapping it. They soon found out those weirdo are from another world coming through a rift.

They suspected a war... and there goes a a war.

By now, the retard (totally untrue) magician apprentice Pug ... is still a slow learning (so untrue). No, nothing magical had happened to him at the beginning of war that'd make him a hero.

So they fight... then Pug got captured and worked as a slave in the other world. (Yes, by now he still is a ... you know what I'm gonna say - so untrue).

The war went on for years... by chance, he became a powerful magician over in the other world. How it comes to that stage, you'll have to read the book.

Different world, different culture, different thinking and learning. If you think yourself is highly civilized, then you'd suspect the others are barbarian. The truth is, you just don't understand their culture and teaching that's all. They may think you're a barbarian by doing something your way as well.

It's a pleasure to read, however the "love" side in the stories are left quite untouched. I guess it's not the whole point in the book, but I thought if he can touch up on that bit would be great...

TBC ...Continua

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