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My Favorite Mistake


Publisher: Downtown Press


Language:English | Number of Pages: 304 | Format: Paperback | In other languages: (other languages) Chi traditional

Isbn-10: 0743470346 | Isbn-13: 9780743470346 | Publish date:  | Edition 1st Downtown Press Trade Pbk. Ed

Also available as: eBook

Category: Fiction & Literature , Romance

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Book Description


Exhibit A: Faith's little sister, Skye, who muddled through her first divorce at the tender age of twenty-one. Faith has always provided damage control when Skye's love life gets too reminiscent of a daytime drama. But now that Faith has finally found the job, if not the man, of her dreams -- as a culinary writer, currently living la dolce vita in Italy -- she can't just jet back to small-town Minnesota to help her suddenly pregnant little sister heal her broken heart and anemic bank account.


Faith has been putting off this homecoming for years, ever since her dad left her family in the lurch, her mother left her in charge of Skye, and a sub-zero case of cold feet led her to call off the engagement to her high school sweetheart, Flynn. But a return to the amber fields of grain might just be what Faith needs to gain some perspective on her past -- and figure out her future. It's been way too long since her last love affair...memories of Flynn still get in the way of every man she meets. But if she and Flynn are really meant to be, why does the path to happily-ever-after have so many potholes?

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      這本據說是得獎的,但看完之後我有種很累的感覺。   應該是說,小說裡的很多劇情是「強行發展」的,看起來好像都合理,但湊起來就隱隱看見作者的手在人物後面拉那條線。   這種感覺我無法解釋得很清楚,也許要寫故事的人才能明白?   非得要說明的話,就是作者操控故事發展得太過用力,整個過程合理但牽強。我看不出人物性格的特色在哪裡。故事開頭時女主角看起來是一個打定主意就破釜沈舟,要過自己想過人生的人,但後來發展出來的人物,卻是一個外表強悍但內心軟弱的人,再後來連這強悍也沒有了……   另外,女主角和女主角的妹妹應該設定的是兩種不同的類型,姊姊較有能力、見過世面、會思考、懂得安排、有行動力、有決斷力,妹妹是一團亂,沒有思考、不負責任、軟弱、敷衍、自我欺騙、言不由衷。   但不到十五頁,這兩個角色的性格就混在一起。   小說最起碼的人物性格一旦混亂,這個故事也就無藥可救了。

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