"Bananamania" has returned in an enchanting new novel of uncanny sulbtlety, style, magic, and mystery that Frank Ramirez of the South Bend Tribune declares is "every bit as good as Yoskimoto's first book ... perhaps better."

A celebrated Japanese w

A celebrated Japanese writer has committed suicide, leaving behind a collection of stories written in English, N.P. But the book may never be published in his native Japan: each translator who takes up the ninety-eighth story chooses death too -- including Kazami Kano's boyfriend, Shoji. Haunted by Shoji's death, Kazami is inexorably drawn to three young people whose lives are intimately bound to the late writer and his work. Over the course of an astonishing summer, she will discover the truth behind the ninety-eighth story -- and she will come to believe that "everytking that had happened was shockingly beautiful enough to make you crazy."


Ha scritto il 21/03/14
I had a weird feeling reading this book. I'm not sure if it was because that's how it's supposed to make you feel (I've never read a Japanese novel before) or because the English language was lacking something, body, maybe? At times the dialogue felt ...Continua
  • 1 mi piace
Ha scritto il 03/01/14
Ormai ho imparato ad apprezzare lo stile unico e lineare della Yoshimoto. Riesce ad esprimere con naturalezza e senza falsi pudori anche temi scottanti, come la morte e l'incesto. I libri di questa autrice mi lasciano sempre una dolce atmosfera sospe ...Continua
  • 2 mi piace
Ha scritto il 13/08/13
Bisogna andarci cauti con i giapponesi. Tante volte non riesco ad entrare pienamente nella loro mentalità, quasi ci fosse una barriera invisibile tra la loro percezione della realtà e la mia, occidentale puro. Le possibilità son due: o sono in qualch ...Continua
  • 4 mi piace
  • 4 commenti
Ha scritto il 16/04/08
My first Banana Yoshimoto. It didn't disappoint. Has the same eerie otherworldly quality as Murakami. I will definitely be looking out for more of her work.
Ha scritto il 19/06/07

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