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Publisher: Punto de Lectura


Language:Español | Number of Pages: 512 | Format: Paperback | In other languages: (other languages) Italian , English , Basque , German , French , Catalan , Galego , Dutch , Portuguese , Norwegian , Asturian , Polish , Greek

Isbn-10: 8495501317 | Isbn-13: 9788495501318 | Publish date:  | Edition 1

Preface Ibon Sarasola

Also available as: Others , Mass Market Paperback , Hardcover

Category: Family, Sex & Relationships , Fiction & Literature , Foreign Language Study

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Book Description
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    Horrible y sin sentido. La narración me pareció incompleta y no encontré el hilo conductor de las historias. Me costó terminarlo, pero lo hice gracias a la fuerza de voluntad y por que era un regalo.

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