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QI: The Book of Animal Ignorance

By ,

Publisher: Faber and Faber


Language:English | Number of Pages: 352 | Format: eBook

Isbn-13: 9780571249176 | Publish date: 

Illustrator or Penciler: Ted Dewan

Also available as: Hardcover

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Book Description
Here is the eagerly anticipated follow up to The Book of General Ignorance. Join the QI team for an off-road safari through a hundred of the most interesting members of the animal kingdom, armed with illuminating illustrations and diagrams by award-winning artist Ted Dewan. Meet the water bears that can live in suspension for hundreds of years, the parasite carried by your cat that makes men grumpy and women promiscuous, and the woodlouse that drinks through its bottom. Marvel at elephants that walk on tiptoe, pigs that shine in the dark, and woodpeckers that have ears on the end of their tongues. If you still think a pangolin is a musical instrument, that hyenas are dogs, or that sheep are pointless and stupid, The Book of Animal Ignorance has arrived just in time.