Six Suspects

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Vicky Rai, the son of a high-profile Minister, has been shot dead by one of the guests at his own party. They are a glitzy bunch, but among them the police find six strange, displaced characters with a gun in their possession. each of them steaming w ...Continua
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Scritto in uno stile molto particolare, che a volte fa perdere l'orientamento al lettore, questo libro mescola il giallo alla denuncia sociale. Personaggi assolutamente sopra le righe, alcuni al limite del grottesco, situazioni che spaziano dal diver...Continua
Ha scritto il 23/10/11
沒看過《Q&A》,但我覺得這部作品也蠻精彩的,只除了結局之外。 作者以六個嫌疑犯的各自敘述方式,交代了每個人的身分背景,而這六個不同敘述的模式,其實是很不簡單的寫作技巧,彼此文體也不盡相同,如此多樣化的筆觸,也帶出了印度文化的複雜性。讀者跟著在書中神遊了印度各地,從德里到清奈,從孟買到齋浦爾,從加爾各答到喀什米爾,甚至安達曼群島,我就是一邊看書一邊Google看照片的。 最後這些人全部兜在一起了,本是應該令人振奮的結局,卻成為唯一讓我不太滿意之處,照理說先前推積的能量已經很驚人,最後釋放得卻有點...Continua
Ha scritto il 20/12/10
funny and true
I believe this is even better that Swarup's first novel Slumdog Milionnaire. In fact, while on his first work he tells the adventures of one character, in his second novel these adventures are multiplied for 6 and more. During the narration you are n...Continua
Ha scritto il 31/10/09
《Q&A》非常好看,於是當圖書館進了他的第二本著作時,就預約回來看囉~ 這個故事,作者仍然使用第一人稱來進行推展劇情,不過因為主角有六個人,所以視角會不斷地變換,看同一件事的角度也會略有不同,看到不同面向,不過這本書的角度倒不是用羅生門的角度來看主題的謀殺事件,而是由不同的面向來看社會的不同角落,外國人眼中的印度,高官眼中的印度,中階階層眼中的印度,甚至還有原住民眼中的印度,構成了這本書的不同面向。 雖然可以從六個面向觀察印度似乎可以看到不少東西,但缺點就是太發散了,不容易集中在主線劇情,再加上...Continua
Swetha Balla
Ha scritto il 12/10/09
Having read Q&A (a.k.a Slumdog Millionaire) by Vikas Swarup, I picked up Six Suspects. Six Suspects deals with identifying the murderer of the rich playboy son of the Home Minister of Uttar Pradesh during a party at his farm house. Six suspects wit...Continua

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«[Champi] 'You are a astrange one. What's your name?' she asked. [The tribal] 'They call me by many names. Blackie, cannibal, bastard...' 'Why?' 'Because I am different from them.'»
Pag. 339
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«'But remember,' he raised a finger, 'ours is a strange and sublime land [India]. You can meet the best people in the world here and the worst. You can experience unparalleled kindness and witness extraordinary cruelty. To survive here, you must chan...Continua
Pag. 310

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