Soap Naturally

Ingredients, methods and recipes for natural homemade soap

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Publisher: Programmer Publishing


Language: English | Number of Pages: 316 | Format: Mass Market Paperback

Isbn-10: 0975676407 | Isbn-13: 9780975676400 | Publish date:  | Edition 1

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Book Description
The best way to know what is in the soap you use, is to make it yourself. Making your own soap is a fun and creative adventure, where traditional craft methods foster an ethical and healthy way of life.

Soapmaking is not difficult: have a look around in your kitchen, and you will find that most of the ingredients and tools you need are already there. While teaching how to make soap with everyday tools and wholesome ingredients, the Soap Naturally book encourages the rediscovery of a more genuine and appreciative bond with Nature, describing how we can take care of ourselves, while at the same time respecting the environment.

New soap and skin care makers will find everything they need to know about ingredients, additives, tools and methods. Soapmaking is easy, but there are secrets, which are revealed from reading the book in its entirety: background information, step-by-step instructions, reliable recipes that illustrate how to incorporate different types of ingredients to obtain top results, and tips on how to avoid common pitfalls are extensively covered and explained in clear, concise language.

Advanced soapmaking methods, including the revolutionary Discounted Water Cold Process and a truly natural method for liquid soap, will appeal to those experienced soapmakers, who are already familiar with the basics and are looking for leading-edge solutions, or starting points for further investigations in the area of natural skin care.

As a natural complement to natural soapmaking, a whole Chapter is dedicated to the ABC of natural skin care and offers a complete, no-nonsense guide on how best to use essential and fixed oils in developing truly skin-friendly nourishing and moisturising applications: lip and skin balms, ointments, oil blends and sera, creams and lotions.

Comprehensive reference sections collect a wide range of handy lookup tables and Web resources. Through the underlying connection with one of the most authoritative soapmaking mailing lists in the world, the book also offers privileged access to the intercontinental soapmaking network.

Soap Naturally - Ingredients, methods and recipes for natural handmade soap is completed by an 8-page colour photograph section, which walks through the crucial steps of making soap and shows the final results for all the recipes.

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