The Court of the Red Tsar

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Fifty years after his death, Stalin remains a figure of powerful and dark fascination. The almost unfathomable scale of his crimes–as many as 20 million Soviets died in his purges and infamous Gulag–has given him the lasting distinction a ...Continua
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Have you ever read a monster story and wondered if it could be real? Well, here's a story of a monster who was very real, and growing into a more dreadful and horrific monster as each day passed: Stalin!

Simon Sebag Montefiore had access - sin

Simon Sebag Montefiore had access - since the opening-up of the Soviet Union - to papers, letters and diaries never before seen by the public. They reveal what a terrifying person Stalin really was. Here is a man who had his best friends killed because he could no longer trust them to do as he wanted. But that was not all - he had the members of their families arrested and either killed or imprisoned them. But this monster could be quite charming among his 'friends' and members of the Politburo, even tender and helpful. He had an amazing memory that worked to the detriment of many who challenged or questioned him. Stalin waited years sometimes before he 'paid back' with arrest, and/or death those who had rubbed him up the wrong way. His henchmen fared no better. While they tortured and beat to death those Stalin had fingered they were safe - for a while, at least - but Stalin's favour didn't last for ever: eventually even they were arrested and killed.

Looking back at our history we find many in Britain who pointed to the Soviet Union as the epitome of all Britain should be. Spies betrayed Britain to aid this wonderful new land. Little did they know what Communism was really like.

One of the ironies of Stalin's madness is that just at about the time he suffered from the stroke that killed him, the top doctors in the country were being beaten and tortured in prison. When the Politburo was eventually called to Stalin - he was lying in a coma - they dared not touch him just in case he woke up and accused them of trying to kill him, so they left him for 24 hours. When the doctors were called they were so inexperienced - the top ones being in prison - they didn't know what to do. So the monster died! Twenty million perished under Stalin, Twenty-eight million were imprisoned. An outstanding book! ...Continua

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