The Armed Forces of Aden and the Protectorate 1839-1967

Revised and Expanded Edition


Publisher: Helion and Co Ltd


Language: English | Number of Pages: 160 | Format: Paperback

Isbn-10: 190603396X | Isbn-13: 9781906033965 | Publish date: 

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Book Description
In January 1839 Captain S.B. Haines of the Indian Marine, the East India Company's Navy, occupied Aden. Possessing a magnificent natural harbour at the junction of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, Britain recognised its strategic importance and thus began a period of British control which lasted until 29th November 1967. This book presents an updated and expanded record of the mainly Arab armed forces (Police and Military) raised in Aden and the Protectorate during the time of British control. Not only are brief historical details provided for each unit but details of insignia and uniform are included, the whole being brought to life by the superb colour uniform illustrations by Jonathan Paynter. Within the book information can be found on the Turkish military activity on the Yemen border in at the turn of the 20th Century and subsequent confrontation during the First World War. Special attention has been paid to the multiplicity of Arab units raised and all units are listed alphabetically. This thoroughly expanded and revised edition builds on the original work by Cliff Lord and the late David Birtles.
It includes over 220 bw photographs and 11 pages of colour photos, 5 pages of colour uniform plates as well as further information on the Armed Forces and awards. New information is to be found on the Lahej Trained Forces and Mukalla Regular Army and other forces. While many have contributed photographs and information special mention must be made that H.H. Sultan Ghalib II has provided access to his personal collection of photographs which provide an exceptional insight into the Eastern Aden Protectorate and also for access to former FRASAA Sgt Tony Ford, who provided access to hundreds of superb colour photographs. A number of detailed appendices provide a historical overview, listings of British and Indian units which served in Aden during the World Wars, and information on the medals and awards of South Arabia. "The Armed Forces of Aden and the Protectorate" fills a long standing gap in the military history of both Britain and Aden and Protectorate, providing readers with a work of real historical and specialist value.