The First Phone Call from Heaven

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Large print edition.One morning in the small town of Coldwater, Michigan, the phones started ringing. The voices say they are calling from Heaven. Each call is greeted differently- some with love, some with religious zeal, some with fear. The questio ...Continua
Ha scritto il 26/07/17
非常精采,害我夜半四時爬起來追看結局,想不到Albom竟會寫推理小說。 小鎮Coldwater接連有人收到死去的親人從天堂打來的電話,Sully認為事有可疑,追查誰是偽造者。敘事過程中穿插了Alexander Graham Bell發明電話的歷史,以及Sully本人的冤案和喪妻背景。最後Sully竟收到妻子Giselle打來的電話,並在短暫失去知覺期間見到她。無疑電話的時間在發現Horace死亡之後,但以他所自豪的尖端科技而言,預設一小時後撥出這通電話絕無問題吧,到底天堂是否存在,始終視乎一己的...Continua
Ha scritto il 20/05/16
薩里作為空軍機師, 因為航塔指揮員錯失而飛機失事入獄, 妻子又因此車禍喪身. 他出獄之後,極度失意, 同時間水冷鎮竟發生天堂來電的神蹟. 幾個鎮上的人分別多次在星期五接到過世親人或朋友的來電, 告知天堂真的存在並要世人相信. 薩里不相信天堂, 可看到兒子被誤導, 誓要找出真相. 全書每個段落都短短的, 可能是作者想增加節奏感, 可是開頭讀來跳來跳去會覺得有點兒混亂. 隨著後半部真相逐漸揭開, 才變得流暢緊湊. 結局有點點悲傷, 縱使是解開了騙局, 依然留下一個他妻子最後打來的未知來電沒有解釋....Continua
Ha scritto il 18/11/15
Mitch Elbom has always been my favorite writer. His books always touch my heart and inspire me to change and become a better person. This book touches on the idea of Heaven, whether there is life after death. A few people received phone calls from d...Continua
Ha scritto il 07/09/14
As usual, the author is good at attaching you to the book. Climax after climax. I did not want to stop once I started to read! I like the plot .... until the last chapter. <spoiler here> It is perfectly fine if the phone calls were all hoax. I...Continua
Ha scritto il 12/02/14
The First Phone Call From Heaven

A book about possibilities and miracles if you believe. A fun and fast moving story even if you don't believe.

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Yammie Cheung
Ha scritto il Jun 16, 2015, 13:48
Fear is how you lose your life...a little bit at a time...what we give to fear, we take away

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