The Motley Fool You Have More Than You Think

The Foolish Guide To Personal Finance

By ,,

Publisher: Fireside


Language: English | Number of Pages: 319 | Format: Softcover and Stapled

Isbn-10: 0743201744 | Isbn-13: 9780743201742 | Publish date:  | Edition Rev Exp

Also available as: eBook , Paperback , Hardcover , Audio CD , Audio Cassette

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Book Description
The Completely Revised and Expanded Edition of the New York Times Bestseller That Focuses on Personal Finance for Every Budget -- and Every Stage of Life

Taking control of your personal finances is the first -- and most important

-- step toward successful investing and a secure future. The Motley Fool You Have More Than You Think, now fully updated and expanded, provides guidance for anyone trying to balance lifestyle aspirations and financial realities. The latest edition of this Motley Fool bestseller covers topics such as:

  • Getting out of debt...and into the stock market

  • Turning your bank account into a moneymaker

  • Using and the Internet to learn about all things financial -- from buying a home to getting the best deal on a car

  • Saving enough to send your children to the colleges of their dreams