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The Naked Presenter

Delivering Powerful Presentations with or without Slides


Publisher: Pearson Education (US)


Language:English | Number of Pages: 216 | Format: Paperback | In other languages: (other languages) Chi traditional

Isbn-10: 0321704452 | Isbn-13: 9780321704450 | Publish date: 

Also available as: Others

Category: Business & Economics , Education & Teaching , Professional & Technical

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Book Description
When we learn to present naked, we reach our audiences by communicating the essence of the message, stripping away all that is unnecessary and embracing the ideas of simplicity, clarity, honesty, integrity, and passion. If "slideware" is used, the slides never steal the show or rise above serving a strong but simple supportive role. The ideas in the presentation may or may not be radical, earth shattering, or new, but there is freshness to the approach and content that makes a lasting impression. In this invaluable resource from the author for the best-selling books Presentation Zen and Presentation Zen Design, you will discover how to get to the core of your message and deliver presentations that are as natural as they are memorable. Whether you are just in the planning stages or need advice for a talk that begins in an hour, you'll find wisdom in The Naked Presenter that you can use to connect deeply with your audience and deliver a great presentation.
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    Interesting advice from a Japanese teacher

    Little abstract of what this book says:
    1. Naturalness and the art of presenting naked
    Quote: "To express yourself is the most important thing" Shunryu Suzuki
    Books on preparation Presentation Zen "'' ...continue

    Little abstract of what this book says:
    1. Naturalness and the art of presenting naked
    Quote: "To express yourself is the most important thing" Shunryu Suzuki
    Books on preparation Presentation Zen "''Design ii l' Design
    Communication experts = Bert Decker, Carmine Gallo, Nancy Duarte, cliff Atkinson
    Presenting Naked = connecting and engaging with the audience
    2. Preparation
    Initially -> No computers.
    Ask "why" target the whole person
    story telling -> Contrast
    3. Punch-Presence-Projection
    Mistake -> long PPTS-No connection w/a advice Need emotional connection
    PUNCH Personal, Unexpected, Novel s Challenging or Humorous
    Personal Example -> Photos of children . 2 minute honeymoon
    Be like bamboo
    Bend, but don't break
    Never start with apology or confession Focus on the moment
    Project yourself
    Slow everything down
    Leave the lights On. Rehearse-self talk-Diaphragmatic breathing
    Consider: the way you look, the way you move & the way you sound
    4. Passion-proximity-Play
    You cant take interest
    story and evidence matter
    General Principle
    (l) shorten distance w/ audience
    (2) Brig audience closer to each other
    (31 Rcmouc barrier)
    Spirit of play.
    Thechnology should be invisible
    5. Pale-Participation
    "No one is obliged to be a genius, but eveyyone is obliged to participate” Philip e Starck
    Change pace every 10 minutes
    speak simply
    empathy -> Ready to change plans
    Ask them questions.
    6. Powerful finish
    cause your audience to make a change
    sticky idea, are: Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, emotional, stories.
    Get close to the audience
    Do the closing in the very end (after QRA)
    7. Persistence <- Improvement
    Drop old habits
    Bring your unique self to the presentation
    Best presentations ar works of art

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    Più manuale di filosofia che altro. Sicuramente alcuni consigli interessanti, ma se avete letto Presentation Zen dello stesso autore, allora questo forse non serve.

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    創造貢獻 (Contribution), 連結 (Connect)
    並造成改變 (Change).

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