The Salmon of Doubt

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The Salmon of Doubt is the late Douglas Adams' third comic novel about "holistic detective" Dirk Gently. Ten tantalising chapters of this unfinished project are padded to book size with about 50 short Adams pieces, mostly non-fiction.


Additional material includes introductions by Stephen Fry and editor Peter Guzzardi (who stitched together the Salmon fragment from disk drafts), The Guardian's Adams biography, Richard Dawkins' farewell piece, and the order of the memorial service.

The non-fiction by the man himself ranges from perhaps a dozen meaty articles and speeches to brief squibs, interview/questionnaire answers and tiny asides like: We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works. How do you recognise something that is still technology? A good clue is if it comes with a manual.

There are enjoyable pieces on computers (especially), atheism, dogs, manta rays on the Great Barrier Reef, the Save the Rhino stunt climb, and PG Wodehouse. Much of the rest is ephemeral; you can't help reflecting that Adams himself never chose to collect all this lightweight newspaper work.

Lovers of his fiction will welcome the Hitch-Hiker-related short stories "The Private Life of Genghis Khan" and "Young Zaphod Plays It Safe", despite the latter's dreadfully dated political punch line.

What of The Salmon of Doubt itself, a quarter of this book? There's a glimpse of a far-future estate agent's utopia, a woman asking Dirk Gently to investigate a cat that's literally only half there (his puzzling reluctance to take the case may echo Adams' own feelings about the novel), Gently's capricious trip to America in response to an unknown client's total lack of instructions, the tragic death of a rhino as perceived by the rhino... Many teasing questions; we'll never know the answers.

Overall it's a must-have for devoted Adams fans and completists, a likely disappointment (though with pleasant exceptions) for new readers. --David Langford ...Continua

Ha scritto il 06/10/15
Promising. I can't say more because, alas, it's unfinished, and we can't do anything about that, but looked just like he was going to have everything that made Adams so great, and even just like that makes a good and interesting reading, as it's made ...Continua
Ha scritto il 03/05/15
questo libro mi fa sentire ancora di più la mancanza di Douglas. una mente lucidità che ancora oggi mi sorprende e mi rattrista perché non può più mostrarci almeno una parte del camino.
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Ha scritto il 08/06/14
il bellissimo è da riferire al romanzo incompiuto di Adams, il salmone del dubbio appunto. L'ho letto con molta malinconia e un gran senso di vuoto per qualcosa che non avremo mai più. La parte restante del libro sono interviste e articoli che non re ...Continua
Ha scritto il 11/08/13
Dare un voto a questo libro è veramente difficile. Andiamo con ordine:
la parte biografica è interessante e divertente anche se lo scrittore appare completamente diverso da come me lo ero immaginato (e forse anche un po' troppo pieno di sé). 4 s
Ha scritto il 30/05/09
While the unfinished story can't really be commented on (Adams himself planned to abandon it and salvage the [great] ideas), the rest of the book - the collection of articles, interviews, letters and thoughts saved from his Macintosh - is amazing. Si ...Continua
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Ha scritto il Oct 14, 2008, 20:56
E ora abbiamo il World Wide Web o www (c'hio sappia è l'unica sigla per pronunciare la quale - dablju dablju dablju - si impiega il triplo del tempo necessario a pronunciare le tre parole per esteso)
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