The Steampunk Bible

An Illustrated Guide to the World of Imaginary Airships, Corsets and Goggles, Mad Scientists, and Strange Literature


Publisher: Abrams Image


Language: English | Number of Pages: 224 | Format: Hardcover

Isbn-10: 0810989581 | Isbn-13: 9780810989580 | Publish date:  | Edition 1

Corporate Author: S. J. Chambers

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Book Description
Over the past fifteen years, Steampunk - a mash-up of Victorian and sci-fi aesthetics with a splash of punk rock attitude - has gone from being a literary movement to a part of pop culture and a way of life. This subculture celebrates the inventor as an artist and hero, re-envisioning and crafting retro technologies including antiquated airships and steam-powered robots. The Steampunk aesthetic now permeates movies, comics, fashion, art and more, and has given a distinct flavor to iconic events such as Maker Faire and the Burning Man festival. The Steampunk Bible is the first book of its kind, a fully illustrated compendium tracing the roots and history of this subculture, from the work of its godfathers Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, to the key figures who coined the word that would spawn a literary genre, to the vast community of craftsmen and artists who translated that spark into a lifestyle with clothing and accessories such as goggles, corsets, pocket watches, and with an attitude to match. This ultimate resource, filled with scores of illustrations and photographs, will appeal to aficionados and novices alike as author Jeff VanderMeer takes the reader on a wild ride through the clockwork corridors of Steampunk past, present and future.
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    儘管和百科全書等級(e.g. The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana)有所差距,本書仍不愧是一般人想瞭解 steampunk 文類/次文化的最佳入門讀物。不單單是因為它全彩附圖好上手,兩位作者深 ...continue

    儘管和百科全書等級(e.g. The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana)有所差距,本書仍不愧是一般人想瞭解 steampunk 文類/次文化的最佳入門讀物。不單單是因為它全彩附圖好上手,兩位作者深入淺出的解說功力也頗有幫助。

    我個人比較有興趣的部分則集中在前後兩端。一開頭介紹什麼是 steampunk,並概述其所涵蓋的文化層面之後,隨之而來的第二章則直搗其維多利亞時代的源頭。本章讀起來頗像(前)科幻史,重點則放在 Jules Verne 和 H. G. Wells 的對比之上。對於認定兩者差異只在「軟硬」的讀者來說,更有正本清源之效。
    第三章則介紹文學/漫畫場域中的 steampunk。坦白說這部分講的並不比 VanderMeer 夫婦之前編輯的 Steampunk 合集所收錄的論述(像是這篇)詳實豐富,但言簡意賅的鋪陳方式很容易讓讀者進入狀況,進而明瞭 steampunk 文類的歷史與發展軌跡,各重要作品也一一蜻蜓點水式地帶過。漫畫則以列舉方式一一介紹,有過水的東洋系作品也略有所及。接下來的兩章則是 steampunk 實作物/藝品和 steampunk 時尚、音樂、集會等介紹。這部分就完全超出我的守備範圍。(儘管看到類似 Gail Carriger 實作 cosplay 的整/跨頁彩圖還是頗賞心悅目就是了)

    或許 steampunk 的影視作品真的比較少,,影視專章的介紹就比較沒那麼豐富,提到的作品基本上都看過;個人以為除了 The City of Lost Children 外,也沒幾部稱得上科/奇幻經典,頂多在視覺效果方面令人眼睛一亮。最後則是稍微推測 steampunk 的今後走向。兩位作者認為綠色化和國際化乃是趨勢;由此觀之,哪天直接把武田雅哉的《飛翔吧!大清帝國》改編包裝一下,拿來當 steampunk 出也不算太過意外了,好歹時代是合的咩。

    散見於各章,佔用一到數頁的方塊文字有時還比正文更值得關注。有的可以增廣見聞(像是誰知道 boilerpunk、mannerspunk、raygun gothic 分別代表什麼形式的次文類?),有的則教導讀者如何在家 DIY 實作 steampunk 時尚衣著/藝品,有的則是觀念與理念的發揚(像 Catherryne M. Valente 的這篇),多讀絕對有益無害。

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