It's a game of Trolls and Dwarfs where the playermust take both sides to win ... It's the noise a troll club makes when crushingin a dwarf skull, or when a dwarfish axe cleavesa trollish cranium ... It's the unsettling sound of history aboutto repeat ...Continua
Ha scritto il 10/09/09
Very nice, observant book by Pratchett...The topic here is racism: in this case the hatred between Dwarfs and Trolls, which is slowly building up tension in Ankh-Morphork, thanks to a Dwarf preaching the superiority of Dwarfs over Trolls.At one point...Continua
Ha scritto il 15/03/09

Never read a Discworld novel before, but I must say it was great! It's funny, witty, and exciting all rolled into a neat little book.

Lucius Cornelius...
Ha scritto il 13/03/08

Pratchet and his diskworld never stop to amaze me. When Sam Vimes takes the front, is even better.

Ha scritto il 22/09/07
Terry Pratchett has much to say - on almost every subject. This entry into the Discworld oeuvre deals with the manipulation of historic prejudice. With typical wit, he uses the Battle of Koom Valley to demonstrate the age-old saw of how the Truth can...Continua
Poppy Petalled...
Ha scritto il 13/08/07

I love this one-- it's not quite my absolute favourite but it's pretty close. Young Sam is fantastic.

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