Tristram Shandy

(Classic Fiction)

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Introduction by Peter Conrad
Ha scritto il 10/04/10
Looking for IRONY?
I was so curious to read it after a sample in the English Literature text that I bought it in english.
I had some problems with some jokes but it was a great experience!
Only 4 years after I fuond an italian version and it was not the same ^_
Ha scritto il 30/05/08
My review and opinion of Tristram Shandy
It was a several months ago I decided to read this book, understanding that it would be a funny, interesting read. Before I give you this review however, I feel I should tell you a little about where I'm coming from.

I do not like to give up on

I do not like to give up on books, as I feel one cannot get an honest opinion of the subject matter until one has all the information available to them. I finished Moby Dick, even though it is a reference book on ships rather than the advertised hunt for a deadly whale, just so I could say wholeheartedly that it never lets up in its endless preachy dictation.

When it comes to Tristram however, I read the first three volumes, and laughed the same number of times. Sorry, chuckled. On that subject, how does one define a type of laughter? There are so many to choose from, giggling, chuckling, laughing, cackling, chortling, snickering, tittering, guffawing, sniggering. How does one define a particular kind of laugh, know which one to use and how to describe each one accurately?

Anyway, I left you wondering what I thought of the 3 volumes I did read, and I shall tell you in the next paragraph after this. I can see how something can be brave and different at the time, but after some time has passed,it becomes a history lesson, merely relating to the reader what it was like when it was new, but without the context to make it seem so now.

Whilst I can appreciate what it did and how it did it, I can't enjoy it on the level it was intended, and to continue reading it, even though I am not enjoying it, is not what it deserves. I can say I didn't like it, but not that it is a bad book, and for me to finish it and say otherwise is unjust. Either way, it has had some effect on me, as you may have guessed from the (rather shoddy) similar style of deviation used in this review. ...Continua

Ha scritto il 17/12/07
Really unusual and difficult for all of the history one must know to appreciate the humor. Sterne was post-modern before PM became cool.
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Ha scritto il 29/05/07
Possibly my favorite novel of all time...Always something new to discover, to laugh at, etc.
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Ha scritto il Dec 16, 2009, 12:06
"I'm now writing this book for the edification of the world"
Pag. 34
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Ha scritto il Dec 16, 2009, 12:04
"I was begot and born to misfortunes" "I was doom'd, by marriage-articles, to have my nose squeez'd"
Pag. 31
Ha scritto il Dec 16, 2009, 12:04
"Have not the wisest of men in all ages, have they not had their HOBBY-HORSES"
Pag. 10
Ha scritto il Dec 16, 2009, 12:02
"Pray, my dear, quoth my mother, have you not forgot to wind up the clock?"
Pag. 3

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