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James Kochalka is an American cartoonist and rock musician who was born May 26th, 1967 and grew up in Springfield, Vermont. He attended the Maryland Institute College of Art and holds an MFA in painting. He has cited Eightball by cartoonist Daniel Clowes as being a key inspiration in leading him "towards a whole world of comics that [he] never knew existed." Kochalka strongly believes that "Craft is the enemy," and has had public debates in print and online with other cartoonists who disagree with his position. Kochalka's Craft is the Enemy essays were collected in the 2005 volume The Cute Manifesto.
Kochalka spent six years working in a Chinese restaurant in Winooski, Vermont and eventually left that job to devote his full energy to cartooning and music. His song "Hockey Monkey," recorded with the band The Zambonis, is the theme song for the Fox TV series The Loop.

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