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Since then, however, she seems to have improved her acting somewhat, playing smaller roles in films that were not all about her. Maybe she will build up enough of these to make people forget about her colossal flop, but the jury is still out.

Once you are engaged in a physical fitness routine, focus on perfecting other aspects of your appearance. For example, what is the condition of your teeth? If they are in good condition, you will have a huge plus in your dating arsenal. If they are not in good condition, it will be worth your money, time, and effort to have work done by a qualified dentist. It is important to have teeth that are in good condition because women consider the appearance of a man's teeth a major factor in whether or not they are attracted to him.

I mean you're really motivated. You got your favorite song playing in the background, the adrenaline is pumping, and you feel like

arnold schwarzenegger bodybuilding workout as you walk in.

5: A manly movie. Thinking about getting him a nice romantic comedy? Maybe something with Julia Roberts or Hugh Grant? Think again. Many men (myself included) consider romantic comedies a legitimate form of cruel and unusual punishment. I would rather undergo a nice, slow root canal than have to watch one of these things. If you're going to get a man a movie, think action, special effects, and tough guys. If your man is 'old school', try something with

Arnold Schwarzenegger workout or Sylvester Stallone. If your dad is down with the latest flicks, give "The Dark Knight" (release date December 9th) or "Iron Man". DVDs can be found anywhere from Best Buy to Wal-Mart and usually cost around $20 to $25 dollars.

Of course it may not be the most targeted traffic in the world, but sometimes it's good to get a load of people on your site. A certain percentage will be interested in other things you have to say, especially if your funny content is at least vaguely related to your niche.

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