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Don't hesitate to drop every single other card in your deck yet put a mental bolt on the assigned counter, dropping it just when your rival pushes with the particular card you try to guard against.

Following your rival's card revolution is additionally to a great degree supportive obnoxiously. On the off chance that your rival has utilized the majority of their counters to your push, you can compel them to spend a ton of mixture in cycling back to their counters. On the other hand, you can compel them to drop another mix of counter-cards that give them a mixture weakness.

Basically, this is purposely playing so that your rival won't have the correct cards at the perfect time to counter your pushes. You may take a couple of hundred hp additional tower harm when you set this up, However, it doesn't make a difference on the off chance that you can get a decent push and bring down a tower.

There is only one fundamental actuality to recall for all card tallying: Your rival needs to play precisely four cards to cycle back to something that they just dropped.

Solution checking is basic to advance over 4600 trophies http://www.boxfila.com/clash-royale-no-human-verificati… to start checking, keep a running number of the amount more remedy you have than your rival. Toward the start of the diversion or when the match "resets" (no one is dropping any cards on the guide), your adversary will more often than not hold up until 10 remedy to drop something

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