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Use the following senior home care options as you would any road map to ensure that you find a senior care provider that's right for you and your loved one.Find a Senior Care Provider from Many OptionsThere are three types of senior home care options: full-service agencies, referral agencies, and private-hire caregivers. While the first two include necessary services such as pre-screening and reference checking, the third option leaves the door wide open when you want to find a senior care provider, meaning you are responsible for most, if not all, of the required duties of being an employer.
Full-service agencies cover many of the important aspects in hiring a caregiver, such as pre-screening, checking references, providing worker's compensation, handling payroll taxes, and carefully monitoring and supervising caregivers that are placed in a home.

Referral agencies take care of the initial aspects of the in-home care process, but once you find a senior care provider through the agency, your business relationship ends there and you are responsible for the rest. The referral agency will pre-screen and check references but does not supervise a caregiver in the home. However, you will be required to insure and supervise the caregiver--as well as handle payroll, worker's compensation, and all http://goldenhandscaregivers.weebly.com/private-duty-ca… applicable taxes.

Private-hire caregivers are found through alternate channels like personal recommendations, online listings, and health care organizations. You will be required to perform the background check and interview the caregiver yourself. Much like referral agencies, you will be responsible for insurance and supervision of the caregiver, worker's compensation, payroll, and other taxes. Should you decide to find a senior care provider on your own by hiring a private-hire caregiver, ElderCarePay and PayCycle both manufacture payroll software that you can use to ensure proper payment of taxes during each pay cycle (1).Bringing anyone into your home necessitates a bit of protection, and senior home care providers are no different. Protect yourself and your property (or your loved one's belongings) by securing records and valuables in a lock box, collecting the mail yourself, and reviewing credit statements carefully each month.Remain Proactive Throughout the ProcessWhen looking for the right senior home care agency, find out whether they are a full-service home care agency, a referral agency, or an independent contractor. Before calling a senior home care agency, evaluate the following questions with the individual in mind. When will you need a caregiver in the home? What duties will the caregiver be required to perform? And, most importantly, what sort of specialized care will the patient need (

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