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Tank Trouble is the legendary labyrinth game about storage tanks, battles as well as the supreme craze of occupations. It enables you to take place an adventurous fighting spree. It was released in December 2007 by Danish video game programmer Mad Purup. Tank Trouble allows you to play with just one or perhaps two or 3 players without the need of other computing characters.

Tank Trouble is a conquest based game in which the gamers are intended to play against each other in a puzzle. In this game the player needs to ruin the opponent to win the video game. The bomb blown up by the storage tanks chooses about 20 bounces striking the walls prior to going away. To recognize their containers each gamer is given a different color tank and ball game counter of game is constantly updated at the end of the game screen. The video game uses different power up throughout the video game, with each power up having its very own power. The difficulty degree of the video game varies with the maze. You could utilize labyrinth wall surfaces for safety and also alter the difficulty degree by changing the setups of maze and also tools of the tank. To win the game one must use the walls of the puzzle wisely. You can hit the tank of the opponent even if its concealed in the closed edge of the maze. All you have to do is to terminate the bomb such that it gets in the shut hallway of the maze.The settings of the video game are conveniently editable as it is a single page video game. If in some way you screw up with the settings you could return to default settings to play.

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