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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  1. What is aNobii?

    aNobii helps you discover books you may like and catalog the ones you own. Here you can:

    • Discover and subscribe to others' shelves
    • Create and share your own shelf effortlessly
    • Make your own wish list
    • Compare prices across different Amazon sites
    • ... and more

    To learn more about the team behind aNobii, read About aNobii

  2. How much does it cost to use aNobii?

    It is free.

  3. What do I need to use aNobii?
    • Browser: Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 5+
    • Javascript: On
    • Cookies Enabled
What is ...
  1. ISBN

    ISBN is a 10-digit unique ID assigned to every book. Using ISBN is the quickest way to add a book to your shelf.

    A title can have multiple versions, e.g. one in paperback format and another in hardcover. These different versions share the same book name but each has its own ISBN.

    Where can I find the ISBN?

  2. Tags

    You can use tags to categorize your books or create sub-lists within you shelf.

    You can assign more than one tags to each book so it's more flexible than folders. Have used Gmail before? Tags are the equivalent of Labels in Gmail.

  3. Private

    There may be books on your shelf that you don't want others to know about. Keep their sharing status as "private" and rest assured no one will see it on your shelf but yourself.

  4. Tracking

    See a shelf you like? Track to it so you'll be notified of its future updates.

    To help you identify those you are already tracking, their owners' names will be displayed in orange.

  5. Similar shelves

    Sometimes the owners' names will be displayed in different sizes. The more similar that shelf is to yours, the larger the names.

  6. Browsed Items

    This is the list that shows you which book's page you have recently visited.

  7. Wish List

    You can keep a list of books you want to get. You can add to wish list directly on the book's page, or from the list of browsed items.

  8. Blog Badge

    It is a mini shelf that you can stick to your blog. You can, for example, display the last 5 recently added books. Every time you update your aNobii shelf, the blog badge will update itself.

    To create a blog badge, go to Settings > Create a Blog Badge

Common tasks: How do I ...
Create your shelf
  1. Where can I find ISBN?

    On the back of the book. Usually at the lower-right corner. Be careful not to confuse it with the barcode number. Look for a line of number that follows the word "ISBN".

    You can also find the ISBN on the first page of the book.

  2. This darn price sticker is covering the ISBN. What shall I do?

    Trust us, we understand your pain. Unless you have the skill and patience, you'll be better off entering the title instead.

    Some bookstores may have the ISBNs printed on their stickers. Check for that before giving up.

  3. I have shelves of books. What is the fastest way to add them all?
    Use the "add multiple" feature. You can add up to 8 books at once. Or use the "import" function.
  4. How can I categorize my books or create sub-lists?

    You can use tags. Learn more about tags

  5. How do I keep some books on my shelf away from others' view?

    When you add a book, the default status is "private", which means no one other than you can see that book on your shelf.

    You can change this setting under My Shelf > Edit.

  6. How do I make a book public?
    There are two ways:
    • Use the yellow box on the upper-left of your shelf. It allows to change the setting of multiple books at once
    • On your shelf, click "Edit" next to the book. Then choose "Let others see it on my shelf"
  7. How do I see what my shelf looks like to others?

    Go to My Shelf > View as: visitor

  8. How can I tell since when someone has been tracking my shelf?

    Place the cursor over that subscriber's name and you will see the subscription start date.

Exploring others' shelves
  1. I see a shelf I like. How can I keep track of its updates?

    If you know the person, add as a friend. Otherwise, add as a neighbor. Either way, you will get to stay on top of future updates via RSS feeds.

  2. I see a shelf I don't want to ever see again. What can I do?

    Choose "block", and this shelf will be filtered out for all purposes.

  3. Why are some names larger than others?

    The more similar the shelve is to yours, the larger the name.

Updates from tracked shelves
  1. What is RSS?

    RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is an easy and automatic way to keep up-to-date on information from websites you like. Rather than you monitoring the websites for new information, all updates will be pushed to you.

  2. Sounds good. How do I start?

    You need to have a RSS Reader which will display RSS "feeds" from your chosen websites on your computer. There are a number of free readers available.

  3. Do I have to update the RSS link everytime I track a new shelf?

    No. This RSS link is customized for you specifically and will update itself according to your changes.

Recommending a book to a friend
  1. How do I recommend a book to a friend?

    You can see a "Tell a friend" link on every book's page or "Edit book entry."

  2. In "Tell a friend", why are some contacts displayed in Italics?

    Those are the people you may not need to tell for one or more of the following reasons:

    • This person already has this book on shelf
    • You have already told this person about this book
    • This person is your subscriber and thus likely to have learnt about this book through your shelf
Blog Badge
  1. Where can I learn the basics of CSS?
    There are plenty of good sources on the web. Try this and this, or visit here for a complete reference of CSS properties.
Common tasks: How do I ...
  1. I can't find an automated email I am expecting from aNobii.

    Check your "spam" folder. Sometimes an email may get mis-classified as spam.

    Most of the automated emails are sent within minutes of the request. In some rare occasions it make take longer.If you have waited more than a day, contact us at contact@anobii.com or with this form.

Don't see your question here? Ask us at contact@anobii.com or with this form.

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